Quint & Lox Limited is holding the copyright on all digital files in our image database. Of course it’s possible an image holds various copyrights, like the digital file from us, a painting on the image or a building on the image. When there are various copyrights you need to contact the artist, the architect etc. or their representative to clear the copyright for the use of the image, in addition from obtaining a reproduction license from Quint & Lox. Please notie we don't supply reproduction licenses on all the images on our websites.


If content is copyrighted depends upon the nationality of the artist, the location and year when the artistic work was first published and the territory in which you plan to publish. All countries have their own copyright laws which determine whether a work is in or out of copyright and what that means.


We don’t know in which countries you want to publish the content and do not always have all the information to determine the copyright status of an image. It is your responsibility to clear additional rights before publishing the content.


Copyright on, and related websites: Many artworks are © copyright by the artists or their estates.





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